Military Saves – and Kids Do, Too

Military families have a lot of financial options available to them. But did you know some extend to kids too?

Military Saves is a part of the non-profit America Saves and partner in the Department of Defense’s Financial Readiness Campaign. A prong of that campaign is Military Youth Saves, which is a social marketing program designed to encourage kids to create good saving habits that will carry through to their adult financial lives.

Military Youth Saves also serves as a one-stop shop for financial information for across all branches of the military, specific to military families and their children. They can be found online.

They’re also participating in Military Saves Week, which runs from Feb. 24 through March 1, and children and teens are considered an integral part of the program.

Your teen – and you! – can sign up for updates on what will happen during Military Saves Week. You can also download materials, like posters.

Many financial institutions participating in the week will also be offering incentives for things like opening up savings and IRA accounts. You can also get updates and information by following Military Saves on Twitter at

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